Safe. Fast. Affordable.

Why Choose Us?
Full Disclosure
You don't have to worry about checking your bank statement to see what we billed you for one of our loans. Our contracts are clear and written in simple English because don't want to deceive you. Our policy is to fully embrace transparency in all our dealings because we want our customers to trust us.

Fast Decision
Once we have all the documentation that we require for our credit analysis we will be fast. Our goal is to get you a yes or no decision within fifteen minutes, so long as you apply during our open hours which are from 8am to 8pm CST.

We Are Trusted
We have served tens of thousands of borrowers in the past and we will serve tens of thousands of borrowers in the future. Our customers keep coming back to us because they trust us to treat them right and we hope you do too.
The System
Describe Yourself
We need to know who you are which means we need contact information by mail and phone. We will also need to know your SSN and your driver's license information.

Give Us Banking Information
You'll need a checking account with a bank and online access. This is where we will send the funds, so it must be accurate.

Verify It
To confirm your bank account information and your record of employment we'll need a screen capture from your online banking.

Get The Funds
The funds will be deposited by ACH directly into your account. It's the easiest way to get paid.
Pay It Off
When the loan is due the money will automatically be deducted from your account. You can reborrow immediately if you need to.
What Are They For
One Time Debts

Can't make the electricity bill this month? You don't want the power shut off, so a payday loan is a reasonable option in this case. Need to see a doctor but don't have insurance? Your health is too important to risk delaying.

What you don't want to be doing is getting into the habit of continually borrowing payday loans on a monthly or biweekly basis. You're better off getting a larger loan from a bank at a lower rate of interest, or taking a cash advance from a credit card company.

Keep It Under Control

The key to keeping loans under control is to limit their size and frequency. Sometimes when you borrow too much you aren't left with enough money after repaying the loan which encourages you to borrow again.

One way that we help avoid that is by limiting loans to no more than 25% of your gross monthly income. If you're paid biweekly that should leave you plenty of money after repaying the loan to avoid taking out another one.

We Lend Across Illinois
Major Cities
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